Laugh, You Bastards!

William Elder

Zack!Nate!You Selected Will!Andrew!Taylor!

William was born, so the legend goes. However, the only
people he's ever met who affirm this are his parents. While
while they may not be the most credible of sources, he's
taken their word for it as he has nothing else to go on.

He's managed to survive this long only because of what
people commonly refer to as "luck." Somehow, he managed
to acquire a BFA in Film Production from an institution
he feels neither needs nor deserves the advertisement,
and thus shall not be mentioned here.

After his short time alive, he found himself to be confused
by life in a general kind of way. Why is birth considered a
miracle? Why is it so easy to laugh at others but not
yourself? Aren't we all the clowns of our own stories? And
why do bios have to be written in third person as though
someone else were writing about you? All of these things,
he decided, are ripe for ridicule. If he's gotta die
sometime, he might as well die laughing... Or being
laughed at.

And if you really want to laugh at him for something,
check out this YTMND he made once.