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Taylor Hibbs

Zack!Nate!Will!Andrew!You elected Taylor!

Allegedly born at sea in hostile international waters to an
affluent WASP-y couple sometime during the Reagan
administration, from the start, Taylor has always been one
to break from the conventional and ponder the deepest
questions in life. Why are we somewhere instead of nowhere,
or in Scandinavia? Is there a purpose to life, or for corn
holders? Why is it so difficult to accept our own absurd
meaninglessness and realize that no matter how hard we try,
that one barbecue Kimchi stain just won't come out?

Raised in a spacious suburban upper-middle class mansion
surrounded by no fewer than two whites-only country clubs,
Taylor managed to overcome the countless obstacles facing
the modern white American male, and ended up somewhere
near the poverty line. During his heroic journey down the
socioeconomic ladder, Taylor managed to attend several
semesters of film school, read "The Complete Fucking
Morons' guide to Existentialism and Home Sandal
Repair" (twice!), and eat enough microwave burritos to
finally get the free T-shirt.

Today Taylor divides most of his time between his day job
as an artificial bovine inseminator for the United States
meat lobby, and his collaboration on two legendarily
obscure web series: the edgy sketch comedy collective
Laugh, You Bastards!, and the not-quite-as-edgy-but-
entertaining- nonetheless sitcom, Rocky Mountain Oysters.
The rest of the time he spends mired in a wilderness of
cynicism and ennui, where he lightly plagiarizes Woody
Allen and focuses on growing out his beard. Also, he still
devotes time to solving all the eternal questions of
humanity. I mean, seriously. Just hold the goddamn corn cob
with your fingers--not with corn holders, like a bitch.

P.S. His website,, is still under
construction, proving the appropriateness of the domain